Hi all
I write to day to say were RESTARTING!!
over the last 2 years, Our family was spun into a legal tailspin over one of our adopted children who blew out the adoption. The cost of this defense at one point almost broke us. I was forced to sell the christmas display in order to pay legal fees and keep our home.

LUCKILY It all went to some of my christmas decorating buddies in Washington who will no doubt take good care of it. So if you live in Washington State, You may see it at a friends house.

With that said… We REBUILD!! the sad part is I miss the train and the animatronics. However the EXCITING part is YOU get to be involved with the rebuild. We begin by repurchasing all the computer controll boards we need to operate. LOR boards are not cheap at 225.00 per board and we had 7 of them. we then begin a new plan with all new animatronics and lights. These displays would not be possible without the donations of many friends to the cause. If you would like to contribute to the display rebuild. that would be AWESOME!!! Thank yo in advance for wanting to help us.
You can contact me via email
I’m working on a thank you gift for each person who is willing to help us bring back the magic.



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