New train re-design

This is it !! the final re-design of the train… should this not work the train will becomae a memory and not a piece of the display…

i am lightening the cars replacing 3/4″ ply wood with 1/4” plexiglass. the engine will not get much of a body redesign it will get a power train redesign replacing the one powered rear axle with two powered outside rail motors these will be direct drivien by power wheels motors. the caboose and coal tender are getting all new looks in plexiglass and will be painted in stain glass paint by My daughter Hollie. All the cars will get lighter axel redesigns too.

THE TRACK will be converted from a dual rail Track to a single mono guide rail track on 2/1 in ply wood. the track will be 15 inches wide whil the wheels on the train will be at 13″ of total width. the center rail will be POWERED RAIL 12 VDC! and controlled by computer control.

more to come so come back and read up


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