Another Animatronic to go into the display

We had a pretty wet and WHITE weekend last weekend (yes we had SNOW)
I took advantage of the yucchy weather to work in the Garage on the Display.
I finished the NEW animatronic  SANTA IN HIS SLEIGH.   I still have some minor Bugs to work out  but here are a few Pics.

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    jeremy Says:

    Hi…I read some of your comments about the gemmy santa 5ft tall…i just bought one…and it started out singing and moving his lips…but was not dancing…now it the music starts and he does not move his lips and still does not move…i got in through the bottom..and was fiddling with the wires on top..and I think that is when the lips stopped moving…i read that there is supposed to be an o ring…which i dont see…the motor in the middle is spinning and its buzzing and a bit loud…dont know if that means its still working but needs an o ring..or if its busted…would i be able to fix these things with an o ring and messing with the wires a bit..or is it more complicated?

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