I was honored to have my friend, Bryce Kindla drop by yesterday. Bryce was instumental in helping me build the Christmas Train!.
Bryce’s sister in law is getting married this weekend in Fort Collins Colorado. So when Bryce told me he was coming to Colorado.  We set up a time for him to come over and I JUST HAD TO SET UP THE TRAIN for him.

My neighbors all thought that I was a little nuts setting up a my display for Christmas early.
Nope just the train. He just had to see it run. Boy did we have a great time talking about christmas projects. We worked out some tweaking the train needed and he helped me get the track leveled. Boy the train runs 100% better than it did before he came over. Bryce even brought me a Texas Christmas Lights Houston workshop t-shirt. WOW these shirst are cool!!

We talked about powered rails and talked about the switch design a little.
we even spent a bit engineering the motorized portion for the Ice skating pond to be built next year.

It was great to have Bryce over. He is a class act. I am Proud to call him my friend!

BTW Thanks Casey for allowing Bryce to come over during all the hustle of preparing for your sister’s wedding. I really appreciated it!!

Here is a picture of us together and my train


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