Display going up

Well it’s thanksgiving week.  and I am about 2/3rds done with setting up the display.    The ginger bread theme’s 2nd season installed well wih minor failure  lost 2 led bulbs.  the mega flagpole tree lost 1 strand  but so far things are going somewhat smoothly  Although I have a LOT of work left  most of it is conecting up power sources  and light o rama computer boards.
i hava a fix for the train and should have it runing by this weekend  the track curves and staights are done  i just need to conect them and the make a test run.   Although the train has been quite the task  it is comeing to completion.  and hope fully i can work on other projects  like hackng my gemmy dancing santa  an begin to draw up the plans for my ice pond. already i am pondering the project for next season. 
but for know i have quite the to do list for tomorrow and friday.   btw its supposed to get cold tonight and SNOW!!  so we will see how much out side i get done.
we will see i still have a few $$ project for my light clients that ned to be done this weekend too.

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