Train build update!!

The motor for the train arrived last Saturday.  It is a very well built motor.   I hooked it up to my battery charger  and I get varible speeds when I switch the power ratios on the charger.  this is a good sign that a speed controller my not be necessary.   The next cahllenge was how do i mound this motor to the casters and the frame?   Well after spending some time on the phone with Bryce Kindla, Planet Christmas member in Frisco TX.   We tried to come up with several plans  BUT the one plan that stuck out the most was to cut into the caster  and make a mounting bolt plate and weld it to the bottom of the caster and bolt the motor to it.
So I fabricated a way to do this.  (see the attached pics  without the mounting plate.  I picked up the wheels this week for the engine  and I also picked up the 1/2 steel rods for axels.  However when I cut one of the rods into 12" sections,  I realized I needed them in 14" sections so i can achieve a 10" rail spacing.  Oops  will have to get more 1/2 steel rod.  
My Neighbor Randy has agreed to assist me in welding the frame and stuff together.  I sent him a pic of the frame and a drawing.  we will begin the welding process soon.    I also bwegan to re wire the wiring harness from the power wheels motor. I eliminated the shifters and switches. and added one on off switch to the harness.
The Engine is beginning to come together.  will post more again soon.

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