It’s coming along nicely

WOW!! Only 5 weeks to go time is flying  but i’m making GREAT progress.   I got the coroguated plastic prepped and began cutting the frosing to make my house look like a gingerbread house.  I took some time last night to put up the frosting on the 1st level of the house. (Sorry No spoiler pictures for you)   You will have to wait to see the ENTIRE finished product.  I will say it is looking good though.  I should have the frosting finished by this weekend  and ready to install the lights.  I also hope to have the candy canes and peppermint sticks painted  and ready to install too.
    I still have a LOT to do though.  I need to finish the lolipops.  I still need to touch up the mega tree base(its looking pretty shabby)  I need to finish the mini-mega tree.  I need to begin to figure out how my cords will go and how to daisy chain my 3 LOR boards.  I also need to decide quickly what will go where my plastic land used to go.  I have to finish my sequencing for LOR too.
WOW  thats a lot  but it is coming together.   Will keep you posted

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