WOW time is Flying

  Time Flys when your having fun!!  
Well somethings are coming together.  and some are NOT!!
As I had said before  In previous blogs  that I was working on getting some coro plast.  it came this week  and there is a lot to do  i need to get it prepped  and ready to cut and paint.   I pulled out my overhead projector this week and began looking for pics for cutouts  unfortunatley  I probably WON’t get to them this year either.  but will see.  
The Light O Rama board i bought is just about done.  I need to pick up a few more cords  and get them installed on the board.   At this time  the motorized projects wont happen for 06  but Definatley for 07.  the music sequences are coming along nicely but will begin the seqencing in LOR next week  at this time  that is the plan.  I have scaled back drastically  from last year  but will be some what light on decorations.  Things just dont always come together as they seem.  but i am still working on a few.    will post more later

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