back on track

With the 9-11 memorial now packed away, it’s on to Christmas. I found the track Believe…In Holiday Magic and was able to rip it to mp3. I am so happy because this track was to be the beginning and ending narrations to my compter controlled show. Already I took the track downloaded it to audacity and have begun to make the track that will be loaded into light o rama. Thanks to Terry Dyke of Planet Christmas for helping me with my first audio projects in audacity the turned out great!

I have been working on 2 motorized ideas. 1st the train and 2nd the ice skating pond both will be run on DC motors that have 350w 24V scooter motors. The ice skating pond will be controlled by a transformer from an HO scale train set. the train however is a challenge. The motor will run off a deep cycle marine battery which will make it DC to DC so I have to find a way to controll the DC current to slow the train. more to come on these 2 projects.

Today my transparency printer paper arrived from Banks School Supply. I will begin printing off some of my picutres to begin to make my cutouts this year. I am still working to find a cheeper supply of coroguated plastic. Last week I finished striping the pvc pipe for my hand made lolipops. Today I picked up the colored celephane wrap for the lolipop pieces. Tomorrow I will pick up a 4×8 sheet of styrofoam board and begin to make the sucker parts of the lolipops and insert white lights inside them.

I am still looking for small artificial trees in any size. Soon the resale shops should have that kindof stuff out so i can get that done.

will update you again soon.


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