Bummin’ but still working on 06

Well today I had another setback.  The soundtrack I ordered from Disney.. Believe in holiday Magic  is no longer available so the beginning of my animated sequences will need to be reconfigured.  It was to be one of the most important pieces of audio track for my display.   Not giving up hope yet  will try to see if I can find a used copy on ebay or amazon.com.

My LOR boards arrived  adding one more 16 channel  and the NEW showtime director with MP3 player.  This player will be attached to my fm transmitter syncing my music and amimation sequences together and will pipe it out of my FM transmitter.  So we are on our way getting going for 06.

I have ordered some printable transparency paper for my computer. I will use the tranparency paper to copy pictures that can be blown up on an overhead projector and will make CUTOUTS. Yeah!! 
(one more piece of the homemade christmas display)

Another note to pass along. While sick with a bad cold I was up all night on Thursday morning 8/17.  I was pondering some posts that I had read on http://www.planetchristmas.com.  The discussion was how to make an ice skating pond similar to the dept 56 village type pond. Well i got out some paper and began to design an ice skating pond  and the mechanics needed to make it work.  Well I may or may not get it done this season  but it is an elaborate plan with pulleys and a belt or chain drive system.   more detials  as it comes together.

more posts to come


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