The Designing for Christmas 06 Begins.

Well Its finally August. Today begins the beginning of preparations for Christmas. With just over 3 months left until the display turns on, the extensive work begins. I started looking for just the right music for the display and the right narratives to go with the display. I have decided to use the narrative opening from Disneylands Holiday fireworks display ITS AWESOME!! I also have secured the rights to use the christmas story narrative from the charlie brown christmas. This year we will plug in a narrative from Nat King Cole to promote TOYS FOR TOTS! and the Childrens Hospital of Denver.

A dissapointment has happened for this season. I won’t be able to complete the train this year due to some unforseen financial issues. I will continue to develop the plan in an attempt to build it for christmas 2007.

With a lot of the blow molds sold my yard may look a little bare this year. I am still looking for christmas coloring books so that I can begin to make wood and coroplast cutouts in time for the season. The pressure is on to get it just right.
I have been given a lot of coroguated plastic which I will use to make cutouts and turn my home into a gingerbread house theme. and will work to make this season Awesome.

The Mega Flagpole tree is getting a design touch up so that it is easier to unassemble and store. I am also looking at resale shops to find used artificial trees. I will be using the trees in my display instaed of wierfram trees. I like the natural holiday tree look better and uses less lights. 3 and 6 ft trees are what I will be looking for

I have just recieved my shipment of 500 ft of 16ga spt-2 wire and will be using the wire to channelize my new lighted candy canes. and I have a buch of globe ornament for my ash tree which will also be hooked to LOR control.

the plans are now in the work and it looks to be an exciting CHRISTMAS 2006 GLORY TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST!!


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