wow what a 4th.

I had a great 4th. The display is down now. We had a lot of people honk as they drove by or just stop and say HI.   I had in interesting conversation with 2 vetnam vets  who were so thankful for the display.   They shared some stories of thier buddies they lost during that conflict.   One the guys was teary eyed as he shared that his nephew is currently in IRAQ.   it wast a wonderful 45 min of conversation with them.
I also had a girl from Czechoslovakia, She was student selling door 2 door to pay for college.   She was very impressed with the display and shared  that in her county  they cannot do anything like this.   How sad that in your own country you cannot even show your country’s PRIDE.  
America is truly a GOD blessed country.  we should be on our knees every day thanking GOD for our freedoms.  We should also thank those who have sacrificed for our freedoms.

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