August 7, 2014

Hi all
I write to day to say were RESTARTING!!
over the last 2 years, Our family was spun into a legal tailspin over one of our adopted children who blew out the adoption. The cost of this defense at one point almost broke us. I was forced to sell the christmas display in order to pay legal fees and keep our home.

LUCKILY It all went to some of my christmas decorating buddies in Washington who will no doubt take good care of it. So if you live in Washington State, You may see it at a friends house.

With that said… We REBUILD!! the sad part is I miss the train and the animatronics. However the EXCITING part is YOU get to be involved with the rebuild. We begin by repurchasing all the computer controll boards we need to operate. LOR boards are not cheap at 225.00 per board and we had 7 of them. we then begin a new plan with all new animatronics and lights. These displays would not be possible without the donations of many friends to the cause. If you would like to contribute to the display rebuild. that would be AWESOME!!! Thank yo in advance for wanting to help us.
You can contact me via email
I’m working on a thank you gift for each person who is willing to help us bring back the magic.




August 1, 2012



August 1, 2012



August 1, 2012


The caboose

April 13, 2012

All here is a couple of pictures of the final addition to the train the caboose!!

THe pop up christmas presents.

March 19, 2012

Im working on a new addition idea that will be christmas presents with Toy story figures,
He is a sketch of the design

The Redesigned Christmas Train

January 1, 2012

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. This christmas season had some challenges. It was not technical but more family. The display was not on as much the last 3 weeks of christmas. But on a happier note The Train did run this season when I could run it. so for those of you who missed it here it is for you to see ENJOY!! ( the caboosewill be done for next year

52 days to christmas 25 days till the lights come on

November 2, 2011

Well its 11/2/11 and ITS SNOWING IN DENVER!! that just put me behind a bit on the installation of the MIRACLE. bur Since its snowing. i figured it was a good time to update you on the display progress…

1st off the train is coming nicely. we have finished many o the cars lightening them up for less weight. all cars are now made from coroplast.
here are a couple of pictures to get you in the CHOO CHOO mood.

94 days to Christmas and 66 days untill the display is lit up

September 21, 2011

The train track new design is done! and thanks to my friend Stan Hower all my truck for the train cars have been re designed to work with the new mono guide rail design on the track. All turcks have been installed on the cars and the first beta tests prove very impressive. cars roll down trac smoothly with little resistance. looking forward to full train tests coming soon… The Ice skating pond designs have been changed for more simplistic design. and the new animatroinc deer barn is in the works for 2012. We will begin the install of the display on NOV 1st and if all goes well should have it ready to run this year on Sunday 11/27 @ 5pm.

This years schedule will remain the same as last years….

New train re-design

April 26, 2011

This is it !! the final re-design of the train… should this not work the train will becomae a memory and not a piece of the display…

i am lightening the cars replacing 3/4″ ply wood with 1/4” plexiglass. the engine will not get much of a body redesign it will get a power train redesign replacing the one powered rear axle with two powered outside rail motors these will be direct drivien by power wheels motors. the caboose and coal tender are getting all new looks in plexiglass and will be painted in stain glass paint by My daughter Hollie. All the cars will get lighter axel redesigns too.

THE TRACK will be converted from a dual rail Track to a single mono guide rail track on 2/1 in ply wood. the track will be 15 inches wide whil the wheels on the train will be at 13″ of total width. the center rail will be POWERED RAIL 12 VDC! and controlled by computer control.

more to come so come back and read up